Inspired Outfits by Sam
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I made all of these outfits. Please dont steal!
I take requests! (:
Posted on 7th May at 4:17 PM

california-new-york said: roller blading outfit please? thanks

mhm! Hope you like it!

Posted on 7th May at 4:15 PM

Anonymous said: Hello, could you do a kylie or kendall jenner inspired outfit?

Yes! Posting now

Posted on 25th Dec at 9:45 PM

Anonymous said: Hey I wanted to know how would you pair this top with ? polyvore(.)com/eleven_paris_wizka_print_tshirt/thing?context_id=2691299&context_type=user&id=79476619

Sure! sorry it took a while 

Posted on 25th Dec at 9:34 PM

Anonymous said: inspired outfit for Disneyland with converse ,,casual and Danielle Peazer inspired

Sure! sorry it took so long!

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